Looking for work? Want to stand out from every other Tom, Dick and Henrietta applying for the same jobs you are?

Show you know your stuff when it comes to occupational health and safety. Take this on-line course. At the end, you'll have learned the basics of workplace safety - an asset your employer-to-be will appreciate.

Go one step further to www.passporttosafety.com. Take the test using the information from Health & Safety 101. Print off your certificate and add it to your resume!  It's a great resource for your toolbox showing your initiative, knowledge and skill to potential employers. (You’ll notice a link to Ontario’s Health and Safety 101 course on the Passport to Safety site, but we recommend Nova Scotians use our version, which has been customized for our province).

So get started and put your new skills to work for you!


Windows 98/NT/2000/ XP
MacOS 9.2+
Internet Explorer 5.x+
Netscape 6.2+
AOL 7+
Flash 6.0, Adobe Acrobat Reader
Audio and video cards (with speakers or headphones) recommended
A 600Mhz or higher CPU (400Mhz+ for Mac)